Your Soul Intentions Are Your Guiding Star

You may have noticed how many folks are experiencing overwhelm, even crisis. Using the energy tools I have taught for years are a must. First and foremost, grounding always gives all the surges, overload, or static energy a place to release and is the best way to have the body […]

Your Brave Soul Chose to Be Here Now

Most of us when looking at this intense and chaotic time, question ‘why is this happening’ or ‘how come’ and wonder how to relate to these changes. Many folks are experiencing deep reaction of anger, fear, depression, withdrawal or giving up, even violence as we encounter “the other”. By that […]

What energy center governs our Communication space?

Every human being and animals have an energy center located at the throat, called the 5th chakra or Throat Chakra. This is quite a busy energetic space! We have so many ways in which we communicate both verbally and non-verbally every day. As a baby we learn from our parents […]

What Is Affinity?

Within an individual affinity can appear as a feeling of identification, connection, attraction, kinship by marriage, similarity in structure, likelihood of chemical reaction, and antigen-antibody attraction according to the dictionary. So how does that energy work spiritually? Affinity is governed by the fourth chakra just beneath the breastbone in the […]

What Is Unity?

While driving home through Vermont from a mini-vacation, we stopped at a beautiful roadside rest that had a Vermont seal carved into the sidewalk which said, “Freedom and Unity”. I have been studying this important pairing of qualities. The missing ingredient to these is Equality. Those three qualities comprise a […]

What Is Equality?

It’s actually a conversation many folks are having right now. Our country was founded on this principle of Equality. Obviously, it’s still a work in progress. What does it actually mean? Equality means that the basic needs of all people are being met, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, creed, […]

Life, Liberty and Happiness

Sometimes your Inner Compass points in a direction that is totally new and disturbing to the status quo. As we have been exploring Leadership through Service in our program this year, we’ve been discerning what leadership appears to be in our culture: leadership as manipulating power in contrast with the […]

What Is Leadership?

Contemplating on the space of leadership has evoked many responses within myself lately from a wide range of mental image pictures, emotional reactions, and historical studies of what a successful leader looks like in today’s world. Our physical bodies are living in demanding times to be certain. Our soul is […]

Can We Communicate with Loved Ones Who Have Died?

Many of us have experienced the challenge of losing a parent or friend’s physical presence in our life and the ensuing flood of emotions that follow. This time of year when all of nature begins to go dormant and seems to be dying is when the veil between this physical […]

What is an energy healing?

The physical body is the densest manifestation of our whole being as an energy field. This physical form of ours receives the thoughts, feelings, and sensations from our own awareness of where we are focused and from our environment. Many people think they are only their body-personality, but of course, […]