Intuitive Classes


Whether you are new to anything spiritual or a long time practitioner of healing or meditation, these tools will help anyone manage their own energetic space by helping you discern what is yours and releasing what is not. This is called living in Present Time.

Energy Tools I

We are beginning to understand that everything is energy. We can feel the tension in our clients, sitting in traffic, the stress of family and co-workers. Change is the watch word and since we don’t quite know how to manage that stress, it can build and cloud our clear-thinking, our daily effectiveness, and our happiness.

Step-by-step you can learn to master your own space in the day-to-day, in your environments, and in all levels of relationships. Start looking at the world as energy and enjoy clearing out what no longer serves you. These simple energy tools can be learned as an experience, the way you learn balance on a bike. Once you know them, you’ll always be able to access them and master them.


At Work: with your Boss/Employee/Co-worker relationships, tone of working environment, communication and team-building, setting up important meetings, productivity & focus, being inspired and creative, and enjoying accomplishments without pressure of competition

At Home: Having space of abundance, having home be your sanctuary, quality family relationships with partner, children, elderly parents

Health/Body: Lower blood pressure, keeping energy flowing even when ill, being at ease in your own skin, taking the body’s needs into account, your attitude towards it: burden or gratitude?

Emotions: Relaxed, calm under pressure, inner happiness with self, living with purpose

Stress Management: releasing pressures of day, having good quality of sleep

Spiritual Development: You are more than a body! Begin to discover your life purpose as a soul.

6 Lessons available through downloaded mp3 recordings. Listen at your own pace in the convenience of your home.

Each lesson builds on the next in 25-45 minute segments. You may email any questions to us during the course. $30 per lesson or the whole series is $125.

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Energy Tools II

How do you find your space when you lose it? Are you willing to Let Go of others problems you cannot solve? Body of Glass tool: Neutrality is not numb, Amusement is just more fun, the nature of how past pain pictures hold us back, the ability of your amazing chakras, having your crown chakra Certainty and more fun….

Now that you’ve learned the mechanics of the basic tools, experience and discover asking questions and intuiting your own answers with guidance. Learn to trust your inner landscape. Like any new tool, proficiency comes with practice.
(Pre-requisite: Tools I)

$185 Prepaid or $35/lesson

Reviewers Welcome: $95 series; $20/session