Private Professional Reading

Private Readings


We are able to see the pictures you hold in your energy field. There is a lot of information there about you as a soul!

As we communicate this, we can also clear any old energy that no longer serves you which may be affecting you on a physical, emotional, mental, soul or spiritual level. You get to receive a Hello as the soul you are in Present Time to validate your growth and awareness. You have the opportunity to make informed free-will choices. Topics you may wish to ask about range from everyday interests such as family, health, relationship, business or career to more spiritual areas such as past lives still affecting you, spirit guides, or soul purpose.

One hour professional readings are available by appointment during the week at 11am, 2pm or 4pmET for $125. Methods of payment accepted: Cash, Check, or Pay Pal/credit card through our website. Sessions can be held in person or long-distance by phone or Skype. They are recorded and sent via email to you as an mp3.

While Christine is in process of moving to Washington state, she is recommending you contact her daughter, Siri Baruc Thornton, who offers Akashic Record Readings via phone (310) 741-2076 or email See